Hello! We are Enigmatic Escapes, an escape room in historic downtown Troy, part of New York’s Capital District (Albany, Schenectady, and Troy)! Escape rooms are an interactive entertainment experience, where a group of people are challenged to investigate a room, discover puzzles and obstacles, and overcome those challenges before the clock runs out. Escape rooms are often compared with being in a real-life detective story; if you've ever watched a movie character solve an ancient riddle to open a locked door, or change the time on a stopped clock to open a secret panel, and thought "that looks really cool!", Escape Rooms are for you!

You can see what rooms we currently have open by clicking the link below. You can also use the links up above to see some commonly asked questions and answers, contact us, discover more about who we are and why we run an Escape Room, or book a slot in one of our rooms! If you are interested in Live-Action Roleplaying (or just curious why our company is called Lime Shirt Studios), there's a link for that too. Thanks, and we'll see you at the Atrium!