Secret of the Study

The year is 1893. Professor James Prosper was one of the brightest minds of the 1800s. Nearly every invention of modern life, from the automobile to the airship to the computing engine itself, came from his fevered mind. He conducted strange experiments, with lightning and thunder crashing all around his mansion, but this passed with only minor comment, because his inventions were so unbelievable.

One year ago, Professor Prosper went into his study, just like he did every night. But this time, he never came out. You, friends and acquaintances of the Professor, have been summoned here on a very important mission by the Professor's butler, Julius Allegron. There, per a final note left by the Professor, you will have one hour to search the study and recover James Prosper's will.

If you are unsuccessful, then Professor Prosper's business partner,  Marchesa Isabella di San Vito Romano, will take over Professor Prosper's patents and inventions. It seems likely that, unlike the Professor, who allowed anyone to use his creations for a nominal fee, the Marchesa will charge an exorbitant sum indeed. 

It is no exaggeration to say that the future of the world rests in your hands. Can you enter, find the will, and escape the room? To do so, you will have to uncover....the Secret of the Study.

Great for between 2 and 8 players.

Defeat the Biz! (Now Open!)

The year is 1990, and The Biz is the hottest consumer electronics store around. From the highest-end color televisions to the newest 8-bit video game systems to brand new Personal Computers, The Biz has it all. You are all employees of The Biz, and today is a big sale day, with a lot to do before you open up in an hour.

You're going to have to work extra-hard, too, because yesterday your boss finally got fed up with your co-worker Norm's antics and finally fired him. Norm pulled one too many pranks and got spotted one too many times lazing around after he got his work done. Norm didn't exactly take well to getting fired, but you're sure that threat about how he was smarter then everyone else, and they would rue the day they fired him was just a lot of hot air, right?

Anyway, time to buckle down and open up the front gate. With the front gate key. You’ve got that. Right?

Great for 2-4 players, recommended for smaller groups!


Keep an eye out for future room openings.