Once Upon a Time in Tombstone: November 10th and 11th

Howdy, pardner! The Lime Shirts are heading out West once again, and we're invit'in you along as we russle up a whole mess o' cowboys, wranglers, gamblers, fighters, cheaters, preacher men, trick shooters, and more in Once Upon a Time in Tombstone, our next live-action roleplaying game! Once Upon a Time in Tombstone was written by the Brits, based off of games such as King's Musketeers and Torch of Freedom in styling. And all your favorite Western movies are represented; The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, The Quick and the Dead, Maverick, Tombstone, and many others.

The game is running November 10th-11th. at RPI's Sage Labs, and costs our low-low-low $25, including a dinner Saturday Night. Note that yes, that's not a typo, there's no Friday night of game. Instead, the game is running until ~6PM on Sunday. (Issues with RPI room reservations) You'll still get exactly as much game as normal, just distributed oddly.  If you have any questions, contact me at LimeShirtLarping@gmail.com . Head to https://secure.journeysurveys.com/answer/1306 to sign up!

Thank you, and I'll see y'all on the trail!