Torch of Freedom

RPI Sage Labs, November 10th-12th


When Justice belongs only to the Strong,

When the Staff of Order becomes the Sword of Tyranny,

When Might triumphs, and Right is trampled in the Dust,

When Steel clashes on Steel in defense of Liberty,

Somewhere in the Heart of Man, a Flame shall Forever Burn:








Welcome to Petronia, an Eastern European country in the mid-nineteenth century.  The Regent has raised taxes, arrested dissidents, and made the rightful Princess a virtual prisoner within the palace.  Saturday evening he will marry her.  Sunday they will be crowned king and queen together, and his grip on the kingdom will be virtually assured.  In the wineshops near the University and the wretched slums of the nation's capital, however, an atmosphere of unrest has begun to build...


"As long as there is a lower class of people, I am in it.  As long as there is a criminal class, I am of it.  As long as there is a soul in prison, I am not free." -- Eugene Debs


In 1848, a wave of revolutions for the cause of Liberty swept across Europe.  Every single one of them failed.


This is not the story of those revolutions.  This is the story of how one of those revolutions might have occurred if it had been filmed in Hollywood starring Errol Flynn and Basil Rathbone, if masked avengers had prowled the rooftops of the capitol, and if everyone carried rapiers.


“We are sleeping on a volcano....A wind of revolution blows, the storm is on the horizon.”  -- Alexis de Tocqueville, 1848

Torch of Freedom will run at RPI's Sage Labs November 10th-12th. Registration for the game is $25. We're trying something a bit new for this game; we're hosting the Paypal button here (it's at the bottom of the page) , and linking you to the casting form. Speaking of which, the casting form can be found here.

We'd like to thank Lime Shirt Studios for providing us hosting space on their fabulous website. As always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc, please direct them to me at Thanks, and I'll see you all in Petronia!