About Us


Two crazy kids (Stephen and Veronica) went to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, met and became friends.  Then decided that running Live Action Role Playing games for their friends and fellow RPI students was a good idea.  Five years of blood, sweat and tears later and more than ten weekend long events, three Freshmen Orientation events, and many more short games have been run with many more on the horizon.

These same friends went to an escape room in the end of 2015 and found a new calling.  Figured that running LARPs was a great hobby but it'd be wonderful to run an escape room as our full time jobs.  We had the skills, motivation and means to make this happen!  

So here we are!  Welcome to Lime Shirt Studios' Enigmatic Escapes. We’re in historic Downtown Troy, part of New York’s Capitol District! (That’s Albany, Schenectady, and Troy.)

Why Lime Shirt Studios?

An interesting and often asked question.  

To understand one needs to know that LARPs are run by people with the title of GM, or Game Master.  These GMs are the organizers, rules arbiters and questions answerers during a game.  So they are very often sought after.  We wanted to make sure that it would be easy to pick us out of the crowd of players so had all the GMs wear bright lime green t-shirts.  

When it came to naming our group we used our distinctive green shirts as inspiration and called ourselves Lime Shirt LARPing.  A few years later when it came to naming our business we decided to keep the theme of how we started and changed over to Lime Shirt Studios to encompass the LARPing and this Escape Room.